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Business Strategy

Data Strategy

Data allows you to make informed decisions, tackle complex challenges and drive business value - but only if your data is accurate and accessible, and is presented in a way that provides you with insights and intelligence.

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Our approach starts with an initial assessment to understand your current state. Covering:

Business Strategy


Identifying your existing data assets, where they exist, and the purpose of each

Business Strategy


How is data currently used within your business to generate value? What are the known issues? (gaps, accuracy, accessibility, security, compliance) Are there opportunities to drive business performance improvement, or improved customer experience through the use of data?

Business Strategy


An assessment of whether there is effective and consistent data ownership and management within your business. Any future changes need to be sustainable, and data quality and integrity need to be protected, so governance is key

The development of a proposed strategy to achieve competitive advantage, with clarity of

  • Vision
  • Model of strategic management
  • Objectives
  • Innovation of products/services
  • Marketing strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Any appropriate exit strategy
  • Strategic risk
Business Strategy

The output of this initial assessment will be a detailed report. Highlighting the findings, and providing some clear next step recommendations.

This can be a discrete piece of work, or the first step to eventually establishing a fully formed data strategy and programme. In the delivery of such a programme, we would take an incremental approach to any change. Starting with a specific business unit, or business problem, as a testing ground and delivering demonstrable benefit to build momentum and a coalition within the business.